Procratinator’s Delight: Last-Minute Holiday Gifts

You’re a college student, which means you most likely A) Didn’t have time to shop during finals B) Don’t have much money to spend on gifts C) Are a total procrastinator or D) Any or all of the above.

With that in mind, I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Now, some of you may find this cheap and stingy, while others will revel in the thought that’s put behind these gifts. The secret is, for up-to-the-minute gifts that won’t leave you broke, shop at a dollar store. *Gasp!* I know, I know. It sounds horrible, but you can honestly find some great gifts your friends and family will truly appreciate.

Here are some ideas:

Picture Frame: Ok, so the quality is a bit lame. But, make a photo collage of you and the recipient and put it in the frame. This way, when he or she opens it, they focus more on the thought behind the gift than the price.

Candle and Candle Holder: When giving this gift, perhaps make coupons for a free massage or free bubble bath to go along with it (probably not a suitable gift for your grandma, but you get the picture).

Kitchen Gadgets: Every cook needs new cookware. Whether it’s a spatula, a whisk or apron, you can put together a nice gift bag filled with kitchen tools.

Toys: For kids, dollar stores have great toys, like water guns, toy soldiers, princess gear, etc. Especially since the little tyke will play with your gift for about 5 minutes then forget about it, why not save your cash and pick up something small?

Holiday Decorations: Why not pick up a gift that will leave a lasting impression? Create a gift bag filled with new ornaments and decorations for the tree. Then, once you’re done opening gifts spend time together adding your new ornaments to the tree.

So, don’t be ashamed to shop with $1 in mind. A dollar really does go a long way.

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